Writing my memoir “WISH IN ONE HAND” has changed my life and given me a confidence I did not realize had been lost somewhere along my 53 years.  No I have not sold a million copies and Oprah is not knocking on my door.

I found something that I love doing, something just for me!  I lose all track of time and am shocked when I look at the clock and see I have been writing for 5 or 6 hours.  I wake up at 2:00 am, think of something and have to write it down.  Last night I woke up, had to write some things down then started putting together notes for my second mini memoir.  Then I had an idea for the cover and of course had to handle that as well.  I wound up working on the next 2 mini memoirs in the series.  I absolutely love it and lose all track of time!!!

My dreams growing up were simple I wanted to be a wife and mom, actually I wanted to be Samantha from “Bewitched”, the witch part would be a bonus but I was pretty sure that would not happen 😉   Obviously I am still both but rolls change as we get older. Since  our boys left home and then a few years later I was able to retire from working after 29 years it seems my resolve had slowly weakened over time.  Plain and Simple I became lazy both mentally and physically.

This has nothing to do with family and everything to do with me.  My family and in particular my husband Steve have always been  loving and  supportive in everything I do.  When multiple sclerosis rears its ugly head Steve does what needs to be done, takes the bull by the horns so to speak and never complains.  I don’t believe  anyone can truly understand just how difficult life can be on a well spouse unless you have experienced the challenges first hand.

I love to write poetry but never thought I could be a writer.  I was wrong.  I might be just one in a million writers but for me I am the only one that matters.

It is truly NEVER too late!



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