Multiple Sclerosis MEMOIRS (Not Brain Tumor)

WISH IN ONE HAND……… A TRUE STORY ABOUT A YOUNG LIFE WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS/By Jill Barton. Please check it out! The cost is $2.99 and the ebook is available through all ebook retail stores including Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Apple iBookstore for ipad, Reader Store for Sony Reader, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, eBookPie & eSentral.

My dream is to write several “mini” memoirs about the sometimes very unlikely humorous side of the many exacerbations, actual medical term or what my family likes to call ’Mom’s Freak Out’, we as a family have endured since 1986.

I Want To Sincerely Thank Everyone For Supporting This Book!

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An Excerpt From the Book:

The true story of a 26 year old woman who is misdiagnosed with a brain tumor and after seven agonizing days is given the correct diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

……….The brain tumor diagnosis left me feeling vindicated and relieved!   Living with an invisible illness is torturous.  Day after day listening to doctors minimalize my fears and dismiss my concerns I spiraled into an self-induced internal beat down withdrawing from family, friends and life itself thinking I was losing my mind.  In a strange way the brain tumor diagnosis was a relief.     There are no words powerful enough to demonstrate how much my life changed overnight astonishing myself and others with a ‘don’t worry it’s no big deal’ attitude and an amazing inner strength I never knew existed.   Reality slapped me in the face and nothing would change the situation.  Clearly I had only two options let the brain tumor take me down or live life to the fullest until they knock me out for surgery.

……….Steve picked up the phone and listened intently to the Neurosurgeon.   After several minutes lapsed Steve hung up the phone turning towards me I see a smile as he says great news you do not have a brain tumor, his statement sounded unfinished, more like a question.  I respond okay and… Steve continued you have multiple sclerosis.  Falling dramatically into the chair behind me like a rag doll seeing images of Jerry‘s kids, telethons, wheelchairs.   Mind now spinning completely out of control, I am terminally ill, I don’t have long to live, I know Steve and the Neurosurgeon are conspiring to spare me this horrible news after all I don’t have long to live anyway!

2-14-13 UPDATE:  My new book “WISH IN ONE HAND” is now available for sale on Barnes & Noble Nook & all devices including computers, e-readers, tablets, ipads.   Happy Valentines Day Folks!!!

2-4-13 UPDATE:  My new book “WISH IN ONE HAND” is now for sale on Kindle &, iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, Copia, Gardner’s, eBookPie & eSentral for just $2.99!  PLEASE CHECK IT OUT & let me know what you think. I will let you know when it becomes available on Barnes & Noble Nook.

1-25-13 UPDATE:  My new book “WISH IN ONE HAND” is now for sale on Kindle & for just $2.99! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT & let me know what you think.

I have published my first memoir!  In a few weeks you will be able to purchase WISH IN ONE HAND……… A TRUE STORY ABOUT A YOUNG LIFE WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS/By Jill Barton.  The cost is $2.99 and it will be available through the following retailers Apple Ibookstore, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie and eSentral.  I will keep you updated on the actual release dates which are different for each retailer.


4 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis MEMOIRS (Not Brain Tumor)

  1. Beautifully written Jill. You have been on, and continue on quite a journey in this life. This blog could be a real help to a lot of people. I commend and respect you on your courage.

  2. Wow. Pretty powerful. I remember being on the other side of some of those memories, mostly that awful week of thinking my SIL with a 4 yr old and 6 month baby has a brain tumor and the phone call that it’s not a tumor it’s MS (those 2 letters scared me too at the time). Never though did I hear you express your feelings so vividly. You put me back in time. Love you.

    • Thanks! I was always so afraid if I said anything it made me a weak person. Obviously I’ve changed my perspective…I figure if one person gets something out of it then its worth it…and of course I have a much bigger mouth now too! hahaha
      Love You Sis

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