I will learn blogging…

I am having an awesome time with this newest endeavor, blogging! I’ve always thought myself to be pretty intelligent but technology seems to kicking my butt. Not a child of the computer age this 53 year old is in desperate need of instruction from someone a whole lot smarter and with a whole lot more knowledge than me, perhaps a call is warranted to my very computer savvy 8 year old granddaughter Abrielle, she will know what to do! My son Michal & his girlfriend Danielle gave me this blog for Christmas and were adamant let them know if I “have any questions at all”. They both have been very kind and answered all of my questions with a smile. I just wonder if texting and/or calling them every single day maybe every 30 minutes (or so) is excessive? Ummm ya probably so 😉

I never knew how much fun blogging could be, irritating, but a whole lot of fun!


3 thoughts on “I will learn blogging…

      • So, I hate to do this to ya but would you mind sending me an email with some of the most important issues you’ve been having? You mentioned comments but I’m not sure if that’s you leaving comments on other people’s pages or managing comments on your own blog or via facebook or twitter, etc. Let me know and I would be more than happy to help!
        – Danielle

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