I will learn blogging…

I am having an awesome time with this newest endeavor, blogging! I’ve always thought myself to be pretty intelligent but technology seems to kicking my butt. Not a child of the computer age this 53 year old is in desperate need of instruction from someone a whole lot smarter and with a whole lot more knowledge than me, perhaps a call is warranted to my very computer savvy 8 year old granddaughter Abrielle, she will know what to do! My son Michal & his girlfriend Danielle gave me this blog for Christmas and were adamant let them know if I “have any questions at all”. They both have been very kind and answered all of my questions with a smile. I just wonder if texting and/or calling them every single day maybe every 30 minutes (or so) is excessive? Ummm ya probably so 😉

I never knew how much fun blogging could be, irritating, but a whole lot of fun!

A New Year and A Brand New Blog

Today is an awesome day! I am starting my brand new blog that I got for Christmas. The only true new years resolutions I made are (1) try to figure this blogging thing out before 2014 rolls around, (2) get my blog out there so folks with muliple sclerosis have a forum where they can tell their stories or just vent about their disease, even if its 2:00 in the morning and (3) for healthy folks or folks that have a loved one with a chronic illness to see into the life of someone living with multiple sclerosis or a chronic disease.

So please share with everyone you know and lets get this forum out there so that it might help at least one person!

Hope You All Have An Awesome Day As Well!!!



Hey Mom!

Welcome to your new blog! Now you can talk all you want to whoever will listen…and don’t worry, we’ll be following it. You can make posts that will show up on the front page but also have a lot of other neat stuff. You have a tab to put your book, a tab to show any of your favorite recipes, a picture gallery, and even a place where you can post the stuff you put on Ebay! How cool is that!?!? You can even link your very own mimispage.com to your facebook page so your whole family can follow your new blog! I know it sounds like a lot but don’t worry, we will show you how to use it. Love you mom and have fun!

–Danielle and Mike